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Wiechmann, Daniel (forthcoming) "Understanding Relative Clauses - A Usage-Based View on the Processing of Complex Constructions". Berlin:De Gruyter - Trends in Linguistics: Studies and Monographs (TiLSM)

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Kerz, Elma & Daniel Wiechmann (to appear)
"Detecting complex templates in academic writing: The case of concessive and reason adverbial clauses", Journal of English Linguistics

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Wiechmann, Daniel & Elma Kerz (2014)
"Missing Generalization: : A Supervised Machine Learning Approach to L2 Written Production", Proc. European Chapter of the Association of Computational Linguistics


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Wiechmann, Daniel & Elma Kerz (2014)
"Cue Reliance in L2 Written Production". Language Learning


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Wiechmann, Daniel, Steinfeld, Judith, & Kerz, Elma (2013). "Modeling Bilingual Children's Acquisition of Complex Sentences in German". In M. Knauff, M. Pauen, N. Sebanz, & I. Wachsmuth (Eds.), Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (p. NUMBER). Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.

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Wiechmann, Daniel, Kerz, Elma, Snider, Neal, & T. Florian Jaeger (2013)
"Introduction to the Special Issue: Parsimony and Redundancy in Models of Language". In Wiechmann, D., E.Kerz, N. Snider, & T.F. Jaeger (Eds.) Special Issue of Language and Speech: Parsimony and Redundancy in Models of Language.

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Wiechmann, Daniel, Kerz, Elma, Snider, Neal, & T. Florian Jaeger (2013)
"Parsimony and Redundancy in Models of Language" Special Issue of 'Language and Speech'


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Wiechmann, Daniel & Elma Kerz (2013) "The Positioning of Concessive Adverbial Clauses in English: Assessing the importance of discourse-pragmatic and processing-based constraints"
English Language & Linguistics 17(1): 1-23)

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Wiechmann, Daniel & Arne Lohmann (2013)
"Modeling Domain Minimization: PP ordering revisited". Language Variation and Change. KKK.aniel

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Wiechmann, Daniel. 2012.
Review of Hans Boas (ed.) "Contrastive Studies in Construction Grammar".In: Huening, Matthias and Barbara Schluecker (eds.), Contrastive Linguistics and other Approaches to Language Comparison: Special issue of Language in Contrast 12:1s page 87-92

The book presents some interesting contrastive linguistic investigations framed in constructionist theories. LiC_Review.pdf

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Gast, V. & D. Wiechmann. 2012. 'W(h)-Clefts im Deutschen und Englischen. Eine quantitative Untersuchung auf Grundlage des Europarl-Korpus'. In Gunkel, L. & G. Zifonun (eds.): Jahrbuch des IDS 2011. Berlin: de Gruyter Mouton


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Wiechmann, Daniel. 2011.
"Exploring probabilistic differences between genetically related languages"
Languages in Contrast, 11(2): 193-215.


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Wiechmann, Daniel. 2009 (submitted) - 2010 (accepted).
Doctoral Dissertation. University of Jena.

Title: "Understanding Complex Constructions - A Quantitative Corpus Linguistic Approach to the Processing of English Relative Clauses"; and its available upon request summary_diss.pdf

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Wiechmann, Daniel. 2008.
"On the Computation of Collostruction Strength".
Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory, 4-2: 253-290


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Wiechmann, Daniel. 2008.
"Konstruktionsbasiertes Parsing - Korpusevidenz von lokalen Komplementierungsambiguitaeten" in Fischer, K. & Stefanowitsch, A. (Hgg.) Konstruktionsgrammatik- Band II


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Wiechmann, Daniel. 2008.
"Sense-contingent lexical preferences and early parsing decisions".
Cognitive Linguistics, 19-3: 439-455.


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Wiechmann, Daniel. 2006.
Book review [for the International Cognitive Linguistic Association] of "Bartsch, R. (2002) Consciousness Emerging

Well, this is a great book. I highly recommend reading it. CF. http://www.cognitivelinguistics.org/Reviews/bartsch draft.pdf

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Wiechmann, Daniel and Fuhs, Stefan. 2006.
Concordancing Software. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory, 2-1: 109-130.

This article provides an overview of what current concordancing software has to offer. prefinal%20draft.pdf

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